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How to apply wall stickers

  • Ensure the walls are free from dust and dirt and are in good condition.  Do not use soap to wash your wall prior to applying  water is sufficient.  Be sure that walls are completely dry before adhering sticker. If the walls have been recently painted please wait 4 weeks before applying wall stickers.

  • Plan carefully where you are going to apply your wall stickers so that you won't have to remove them once adhered.  While our wall stickers are easily removed there is the possibility that they may become damaged in the process. Keep wall stickers away from the reach of a young childs cot or bed to avoid the possibility of the sticker falling into their possession without supervision. Avoid placing stickers near a direct source of heat.

  • Measure the area you would like your wall sticker to be placed and then measure the wall sticker yourself to determine the best placement.

  • If the sticker is very large or includes letters or words you may want to use a spirit level to ensure it is straight (another set of hands is helpful here!).

  • Once you have determined where the sticker or stickers are to be placed (you can mark the wall prior) then remove the backing from the sticker, making sure it doesnt curl up on itself.

  • Begin with one corner of the sticker and slowly apply it making sure you dont create any bubbles.  If a bubble is created, dont worry as you can easily peel the sticker up and adjust it as needed.
  • Removal is easy. Peel up an edge and slowly peel the decal off the wall. With some surfaces, to make it easier the use of a hairdryer is recommended.